What is a new client survey

When a prospective new client of yours lands on your page and signs up for your email list, you can provide them with a short survey to answer. The questions you choose will help you get an idea of the services they're looking for, as well as details regarding their specific needs and requirements.

Why having a survey is so important

Receiving direct feedback from potential clients is super important so as you know exactly what services to run. If the demand is there then you can supply it, meaning that your classes or other services become fully booked. Say goodbye to wondering what your customers want. Say hello to offering exactly what they’re looking for!

How to set up a survey

Inside your profile you’re given the option to create a mini survey of questions. These questions can be multiple choice or simply text.

Typical questions to ask if you run a surf school would be:

  1. What’s your level of surfing currently at? (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  2. What is your monthly budget for surf lessons?
  3. What days of the week are best for you to have your surf lessons?
  4. What time of the day suits you best? (6-10am/10am-2pm/2pm-6pm/6-10pm)
  5. What’s your ultimate goal from these lessons? (fun, fitness, competition etc)

Our number one pro-tip for writing your survey is to keep it specific. Only ask questions that are relevant to your business so as to develop a really good understanding of your customers needs. If the survey is too long and complicated then you’re likely to get high dropouts and less customers.

Impact of a great survey

Ultimately you’re looking to achieve the perfect work/life balance, so by capturing the right data you’ll have a really accurate idea of what your ideal customer is looking for.

For instance, why run advanced surf lessons with one person attending if you know there’s 100 beginners ready to join you. Why price your classes at $40 if you know the average customer would be willing to pay $50. No demand for lessons on a Tuesday? Then take it off and give yourself a break to recharge your batteries.

Ask questions about your customers ultimate goals and you could launch a whole new range of services such as ‘surf fitness club’ or a ‘getting ready for competition’ series of events.

By getting closer to your customers needs, you’re positioning your business as their trusted number one choice. This will lead to repeat bookings, word of mouth referrals and a reputation for incredible customer service. What’s not to like?!

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