Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in the wellness industry, but not sure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with sound healer and meditation guide, Carly Grace.

Tell us about all your different offerings?

I offer sound healing ceremonies and meditations online and in person in Portugal where I am based. The focus of all ceremonies and gatherings is providing a safe space to rest and come home to our self. As we listen to the soothing tones our mind focuses on the sound, our body relaxes, we are present to the moment, from here peace naturally arises. As we gather together consistently we recognise that peace is always here and always available just sometimes seemingly covered by our busy minds.

What has been your journey so far? How did you become a sound healer and what did you do before that?

Before starting my journey in sound healing I worked in TV production which I loved. I didn't have any intention of leaving, I had been offered a scholarship to learn filming skills to create documentaries for the BBC and was very happy in that role. Then one day the phone rung at home, it was a surprise call from my older brother who had been adopted at birth.

My Dad was 18 when he had Matt, he had told us that he hoped that he would find us one day as he thinks about him every single day. It was such a huge celebration when Matt contacted us. He told us that he lived in Australia with his five children! We flew out to meet them all, an incredible moment. I was 27 at the time, this moment was a turning point in my life. I originally had planned to go for a few weeks but ended up staying for two years. During this time my life started to change. I went from having two phones, working really long hours, very focused on my career, to spending time with the children, connecting more with nature, eating healthy food. I met people that inspired me and showed me a new way of living.

When the time came to come back to the UK, I travelled back via the Nevada desert. While I was there I experienced my first energy healing, which was a profound opening. I remember crying from a deep place inside, my whole body shaking as I cried. The healer was saying ‘you are remembering what you are here to do’. A recognition had taken place that we are connected to all life, that we are more than this physical body. I began to experience energy in a way that I had never before. After the session I started meditating each day for hours at a time even though I had never meditated before. I felt like I was finally meeting myself.

Shortly after this experience I connected with the London College of Spirituality and started volunteering. I went on to be Co-Director working alongside Vaz Sriharan the founder of the group. This was a wonderful time in my life meeting many different teachers, healers, guides, friends and inspirational people on their path.

During this period I met with Yantara Jiro, a master in sound and consciousness. Yantara came to the college from Singapore to offer a sound session. Back then in 2011 sound healing was not so well known. I had never heard alchemy crystal singing bowls before. I was totally enchanted, my mind still, my whole body alive with vibration, a quality of awareness in that moment. Looking back I can see that something opened on that day, and yet the next day life carried on. It was a year later that my partner at the time bought me two crystal bowls for Christmas, I was screaming with joy :)

It was the beginning of a new journey. I connected with Yantara again and began to study extensively with him for over four years. Together we started the first sound healing temple in London hosting sound healing training’s for people World Wide. I travelled extensively with the crystal bowls sharing sound ceremonies everywhere I went, always a joy to share sound, silence and connection together.

What's your typical workday like?

A typical workday for me is very fluid, I move very much with the needs and call of the moment. I learnt over the years that rest, self care and self study are just as key as the outward momentum. Each morning I start the day in silence, offering space for my own inner studies and contemplation, this is the foundation of all of my sharings.

What tips would you give beginner sound healers on strengthening their practice and growing their business?

When you are in love with what you do and share from that place, there is no effort. Enjoy the time that you play the bowls, let go of perfection, let it be a joy, a space that nurtures and nourishes you. From here the foundations of your sharing builds from your own love of playing, there is a quality to that type of sharing that can't be described but can be felt. The people that you can support will be naturally magnetised to you as you are in harmony with what you love.

What tips would you give beginner sound healers on building a strong community?

For myself I found that when I offer something consistently it gives roots to the community building. For example, I always offer a New Moon ceremony and sharing circle. Over time connections and bonds are formed, we learn and grow from one another and offer support, love and presence. These moments of connection build community spirit and strength. People will come and go, but your consistent presence and commitment is felt and the community builds from that foundation.

We saw a recent picture of you and Mooji! Tell us about that?

Mooji is my spiritual teacher, a great master, guiding light and presence in my life. I live in the village close to Mooji’s home and ashram and lived in the ashram for over a year. I met Mooji in 2017 after a series of synchronicities. I wasn’t looking for a teacher, yet when we met I was so powerfully touched by the awaking taking place in my heart I knew there was no turning back. Shortly after I moved to Portugal to live and study closely with Mooji with the support of the community, which is where I am based now.

What's the hardest thing about being a sound healer?

Often when we first start we are working alone, so we learn to do everything that is needed in the business, the website, the sharing, the technical side of things, the driving, the setting up, venue finding, event holding, the healing, the pack down, the after care. Through each part of the sharing we learn, we grow. I learnt to take it slow, to do what was needed step by step, to see each part of the sharing as an opportunity, just as important as sharing the sound.

When I created the website, each time I sat down I would see it like I am entering a temple, this is the window where people will connect with you, will meet your energy, your expression and to enjoy that. To let go of pressure, of should, or shouldn’t and enjoy the creative aspect of every part of the business. There is no right, no wrong, it is more about finding your unique and authentic expression and playing as you go.

Anything else you'd like to share about your story or words of wisdom for anyone on a similar path?

Whatever path you find yourself sharing in, see it as your great honour, when we bring a sense of awe, wonder, gratitude, to our lives and know that wherever we are we have been placed there for a reason we are more able to offer our full presence to the moment. Then it isn’t so much about what you do, but more about how you do it. I have been deeply touched by someone washing up before, and sweeping the floor. Wherever we are we can offer our love and presence.

Where can people find you online?

Here's my website and Instagram.

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