Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in wellness but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Bianca Mircica, founder, and CEO of thrive wlb, located in West Hollywood, CA, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

thrive (work. life. balance) is an "everything wellness" platform offering virtual wellness programs and in-person wellness events for your workforce (staff, attendees, clients, corporate occasions), ranging from virtual mindfulness activities and educational webinars to in-person group and virtual fitness options, nutrition consultations and break room makeovers, tea or juice lounges, healthy vending machines dropped, mindfulness/relaxation activity breaks, and more. Our popular self-care, thrive wellness box is what got us started, and clients love to use them to kick off any event or to show appreciation to their workforce and clients.

Our core missions and beliefs are that: a happier and healthier workforce is more productive, supporting and growing community through our "thrive network" creates a win-win for our clients, partners, and professionals, and most importantly, to help support your company's bottom line.

Our customers are any small to mid-sized company looking to incorporate a healthier work-life balance for their internal teams and/or attendees on an as-needed basis or at any corporate event, training, retreat, etc. We let you focus on what you are good at while you let us focus on what we are good at, motivating your team, clients, and guests to feel their best while encouraging utilization and best wellness practices, which leads to amazing results all around!

Tell us about yourself

I have always been into health, fitness, and nutrition from as early as I can remember. I always listened to my body and what was "good for it," even as a kid. I lead a very active lifestyle, spending time at the beach, in the mountains, hiking or snowboarding, doing yoga, hanging with loved ones, traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, running, cooking, meditating, writing, taking nutrition and self-development classes and really anything good for my mind body and soul!

Professionally, after many years and different career paths ranging from teaching children to digital ad sales, then corporate event planning, I've managed to learn where my true skills and passions shine! I've created a corporate wellness platform to help educate companies and individuals on ways to incorporate healthy habits into their busy, daily lives and in the workplace. After experiencing burnout and feeling unfulfilled for years, I've realized how important a work, life, balance is and strongly believe that EVERYONE can achieve this, one small step at a time.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

My biggest accomplishment as a business owner has been growing from just an idea to fully executing full-service wellness programs and watching the changes unfold in individuals and companies prioritizing their health more frequently and then being able to provide better versions of themselves at work, where most of us spend the majority of our time. I am proud of the work I am doing, educating people one step at a time to feel better in their daily lives.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

For me, the hardest thing that comes with being a business owner is wearing so many different hats. As a startup and smaller company, I am doing most of the heavy lifting in all departments- sales, marketing, client success, production, business development, creative, program development, accounting, account management, etc. Gaining the momentum and growth needed to expand and maintain business can be challenging to achieve when I am pulled in so many directions. I am fortunate to have amazing support from my partner/consultant to help guide me in the right direction, and for the contractors, I've hired to help execute smoothly- There is nothing wrong with needing help- no one can always do it alone.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Have a well-thought-out business plan and get some feedback via testing periods.
  2. Don't spend too much time perfecting every little detail dive in and tweak details as you evolve; your initial ideas can change direction many times before you have your well-oiled machine running- be patient with yourself.
  3. Be direct, transparent, and honest with your partners, teams, clients, and anyone you're working with- relationship building and trust are key every step of the way.

Where can people find you and your business?


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