Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in floristry, but not sure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with florist, Cheryl Slater
owner of Cheryls Flowers, in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to where you are today...

I used to help my dad with his work as he was a wedding photographer and I would tag along carrying all these bags and equipment, we were always invited to the evening because my dad would take the proofs back to the bride and groom that evening as he would develop his black and white images.

I worked in a few florists over the years to gain experience as well as attending college for 7 years to gain knowledge and skills and my certification. I realized this was something I wanted to do myself as the service I was going to offer was much more unique and personal. I was also allowed to teach floristry level 1 and 2 evenings but this came to an end due to lack of government funding but I still offer workshops which is a real hit.

I predominantly specialize in Weddings, Sympathy Tributes, and Workshops for adults and children. No booking is too large or too small and I will work with my client to achieve exactly what they want for their budget. Cheryls Flowers pays particular attention to detail as well as guides my bridal clients in making the right decisions.

What motivates you each day?

New ideas, helping my clients by going above and beyond and playing with flowers every day, it's got to be the best job in the world, right!!

What makes your flower business stand out?

My style is natural, wild, and pretty. That seems to be a plus for most of the clients now something that looks natural, almost like it's been gathered up from a meadow, and that helps me stand out. My website continues this by showing off my work, and it receives so many positive comments regularly. My main clients are brides and sympathy, and the clients I have returned to me again and again because that love my style and my professional approach to my business

To what would you attribute your entrepreneurial success?

Returning clients, my style seems to be pushing my business forward. The secret to my success has to be meadows like designs and the trust my clients gain from me.

What's been your biggest accomplishment to date as a business owner?

Weddings of 2021, as it's been tough staying positive but this year has been amazing. Through lockdown I spoke to all my brides regularly to make sure they were OK in themselves, there were tears, laughter, and lots of support from both me to them and from them to me. It's turned out to be my best year in business.

What is the hardest thing that comes with being a business owner?

Working alone, planning and making sure everything comes together with leading up to the event as you have a commitment to your client and I've always treated my clients how I would want to be treated, I won't settle for anything less and that can put immense pressure on me but I love the buzz because my clients come back.

Where can people find you online?


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