Interested in discovering ways to align with better physiological and psychological health through clinical aromatherapy and breath training? Are you interested in becoming a healing practitioner or starting your own entrepreneurial journey in wellness, but unsure what to expect? Then read-up on our interview with Anita Boehm, Founder of Mountain Sage Wellness, Inc., located in Golden, CO, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

Mountain Sage Wellness (MSW), Inc. was founded to provide therapeutic essential oil products, education, and services for both physical and emotional health and well-being.

• MSW essential oil products are therapeutic grade and energetically attuned for immune system boosting, healthy vagus nerve activation, and other medicinal benefits.

• Integrative Energy Body Therapy treatments include Reiki, Huna Kane, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, cupping, myofascial release, tuning fork therapy, energy center reading, and personalized intuitive guidance.

• Breathwork and Qigong workshops create transformative experiences and provide mindful practices that can easily be used in daily life.

• Reiki and Huna Kane certification classes enable self-healing, allow one to step into the healing arts as a practitioner, and expand existing healing practices.

• Breathing physiology training and herbal consultation bring forth optimal holistic balance.

My customers span all demographics, including underrepresented communities. They are drawn to these energy medicine practices because of the powerful biochemical, physiological, and psychological shifts. Intuitive elements are incorporated in all MSW services and individualized in private consultations.

Tell us about yourself

I am an Environmental Scientist with experience rooted in toxicological risk analysis of human health and the ecology of chemical constituents in the environment. I discovered aromatherapy during a conference in 2001 where I was presenting a workshop. I really wanted to attend a medicinal plant workshop, but it conflicted with my presentation. Even though I was skeptical, I opted to attend an aromatherapy workshop. Upon learning that essential oils contain chemical constituents that are therapeutic for human health, I immediately began creating my own essential oil formulations.

In 2006 when my grant-funded science education job position ended, I decided to bring my essential oil formulations to market and officially founded MSW. Since then, I have produced 27 unique essential oil products. I also continued my education in healing modalities and clinical aromatherapy. In 2001, I became a Reiki practitioner and had completed 13+ additional certifications over the years. MSW essential oils are hand-crafted and energetically attuned, created through a combination of inspiration and research. They are therapeutic grade essential oils from certified organic, pesticide-free, or guaranteed wild indigenous sources from the finest distilleries around the world.

What motivates me is my passion for helping people and observing my clients shift physiologically, psychologically, spiritually, and energetically in all aspects of my business – services, education, and essential oil products. In 16 years of being in business, I have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing individuals and be trusted to help facilitate healing and empowerment around their most traumatic life experiences. I have enjoyed helping thousands of people and look forward to expanding my online presence to help thousands more.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

That is a tough question because there are so many aspects to my business! Creating unique combinations of plant medicine in the form of essential oil products has been a huge accomplishment. With my roots as an Environmental Scientist, I feel I am a conduit for the gifts of the natural world. I am honored to take on this responsibility to produce formulations and bring forth education, information, and services that have the ability to change lives and bring us into harmony with ourselves and our planet.

My work's education healing modality side is always satisfying, especially when I see my students grow their own practices. Facilitating transformative results in all of my work is amazing to observe.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

Growing my business's online essential oil aspect has proven to be the biggest challenge I am still navigating. Even though I will have been in business for 16 years this coming fall, discovering ways to scale my business is something I’m still learning to do.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Find trade shows (specific to your industry) to get your business out there and recognized.
  2. Use your know-how on social media and find ways to scale your business to generate revenue without your immediate involvement. Learn how to do this right from the start.
  3. Find partnerships or affiliates and build the business in a way where there is support to keep building. I advise partnering with those with strengths that complement the growth of the business.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

The quality of my essential oil products is definitely recognized by my customers. The energetics set my product line apart from others and what I am most proud of. I go through a process of attuning the oils to Reiki, other healing energies, and sacred geometry. Many of my products also contain healing herbs and crystals. Finally, I am most proud of helping people feel centered in the midst of our chaotic lives.

I would also like to share that I regularly have sales in my online store. For services, I have the following specials:
• Summer Special 50% Off - Breathing Assessments and Training (regularly $100/Hour).
• Integrative Energy Body Therapy Introductory Price Offer: $110 for 1-Session or Introductory 3-Session Package for $325 (Regular Price $125/session). All healing sessions are 70 minutes.

Where can people find you and your business?


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