What is your username

Your username is your own unique address to your profile. By securing it now, you’ll be able to choose the name that best suits you and your services. Be creative, descriptive and accurate. It’s an important step on the way to developing your personal brand.

How to secure your username and profile

It’s pretty simple. Head to our signup page and put in your chosen username and email. Some great examples could be @surfwithantoine or @artistsabela. If your chosen username is taken then there are millions of other great options to choose from.

Once your profile has been created, you’ll get a welcome email saying your username is reserved and the next steps to take!

Impact of a great username

If your username is memorable then it should roll off the tip of your tongue. This is especially useful when meeting prospective customers by telling them that “yeah, I run @surfwithantoine, follow me” - It’s also a great way for you to encourage friends and family who are keen to strike out on their own by saying “hey, you could be @cookwithrobert or @chloesyogastudio”

Breakdancer on street

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