Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in personal care but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Jacob Sufrin & Mendel Eichenblatt, Founder of Comfy Cubs, located in Miami, FL, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

We're two dads with five kids between us who started the brand with a vision to bring practical, trendy, affordable, and safe baby products to the retail space. You'll find our debut collection on Amazon, Target, Walmart, buybuyBaby, and (I'm a dad to three kids, and Mendel has two kids.) We offer everything needed for your new baby and nursery - swaddles, blankets, crib sheets, burp cloths, changing pads, bibs, caddy, washcloths, pacifiers and clips, and even muslin blankets for mom.

Once we became fathers, our outlook on baby products completely changed. We realized why other parents such as us were so frustrated with the quality and price points, tired of purchasing substandard products for their children or expensive alternatives many can't afford. We believed we could do better, and that's precisely what we set out to do, making items that are affordable and that kids and parents love.

Some are surprised to hear that we give so much attention to the aesthetics of each product - yes, dads have style, too! We're hands-on in the development of all products. When we had kids, we would hear from our wives how tired they were of overpowering bright hues or traditional baby colors. We set out to provide softer, gender-neutral colors and options so that moms would actually want to have the items in their homes.

We repeatedly hear from our customers, especially new moms, how happy they are with the Comfy Cubs line and getting items as baby shower gifts. They find they easily complement their lifestyle and baby's nursery, becoming safe and functional must-haves that add to the joys of bringing their bundle of joy home.

Things that set us apart from other similar brands:

  • Starting out, we quickly realized that we were entering a mompreneur market. What do two dads know about the baby industry? It turns out a lot! Comfy Cubs is more than quality baby essentials. It's the story of two well-meaning and ambitious dads with a purpose who set out to make better products to make lives easier for new parents. We're vested in child-rearing, raising our kids, and ensuring others with young families can find beautifully made and environmentally-friendly products.
  • We've known each other since we were teens and went to school together. Our combined experiences in IT and retail were the perfect blend to create a value-added brand in the retail space. We're happy to be seen as game-changers committed to our families and helping other parents enjoy each moment of their baby's early life.
  • We have a vision of wowing our customers with quality and prices, having them wonder how we could offer such essential products with affordable price tags. That's the whole point.

As we started adding to both of our families, our little "product testers" were unabashedly honest with their feedback. Both moms and kids never held back! There's something to be said about looking to our crew for criticism and unbiased reviews, unlike product testers, who sometimes are too gentle in their remarks and observations for fear of being rude. We couldn't ask for a better team committed to making our brand the best for today's families, just like ours. Comfy Cubs is truly a family business, with our wives and kids an essential element in our success and product design ideas.

Tell us about yourself

Fatherhood, for us, had a wonderful way of making life better and more fulfilling. It also was the catalyst for us to venture into starting our own business that puts family at the forefront. Comfy Cubs is an outlet to be creative, design quality products, and make a difference in the baby industry, from the items we design to the people that keep us striving to do better. We're carving our niche in this highly competitive business and couldn't be happier with the results.

We're extremely motivated to design innovative items families can afford to buy and need - not simple trendy products that lose their value quickly. Our best-selling burp cloths and swaddles are great examples of taking multi-purpose essentials and designing them in a forward-thinking way that features contemporary colors with versatile muslin fabric that's soft to the touch and used in so many ways.

We also see our brand as an excellent example for our kids, inspiring them in their entrepreneurial efforts, working hard to think outside the box, and earning an honest living. A work ethic to be proud of speaks volumes in today's world. Comfy Cubs is the impetus for our families to feel good about what they do and contribute to society.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

Growing a new brand takes time, commitment, and vision. When obstacles happen, as is inevitable with any business, we have the privilege of listening to customer feedback and improving based on their input. We receive genuine positive comments that go a long way in helping us expand our product line.

For instance, in the beginning, a new mom said her sister uses our products and gave real-time tangible input that gave us the confidence and assurance that we were on the right path and were providing value-added products with a purpose. We enjoy continuing to improve based on our loyal customer's terrific support.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

It's a double-edged sword. We can honestly say that it's a 24/7 hustle that can be exhausting as much as it's rewarding. It's the space we're in raising a young family, building a business, and learning to balance life. We recognize the mental toll it takes to run your own business and the sacrifices we have to make when we're not always there for our family and kids - even while on vacation and bringing work with us. It's a juggle that we feel and are open about discussing with our loved ones, keeping the dialogue going, and knowing that we're all striving to excel. We're enjoying every moment and working on being mindful and present for ourselves, our families, and our employees. Our success is their success, and we want them to feel seen, understood, and acknowledged for their roles in making Comfy Cubs a household name.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. First and foremost, find something you're truly passionate about and love your work. Don't make money the priority. Obviously, all businesses need to make money, but if that's your only drive, it won't be enough for your business to survive.
  2. Never start a business with the exit in mind. If you're preparing for the end as soon as you start, you won't be committed to seeing it grow and evolve, only being "good enough" to pass off or sell.
  3. Be the customer. Why would the customer want to buy from you if you're not excited about what you're offering? Be honest about your product and open to feedback.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

We're proud to say that we're the best-selling burp cloths on Amazon, a testament to providing baby essentials at a great price, with over 31,000 reviews! We're thrilled to hear comments like, "These are fantastic muslin burp cloths and are a staple in our house!" Our swaddles are also an Amazon Choice that customers say is easy to use, features comfortable material, and provide a perfect fit.

Additionally, we're the recipient of the prestigious What to Expect award, a recognition we're pleased to note had our team jumping with joy. And, speaking of our fantastic team, from the warehouse to the office, they're all so committed to achieving our vision and working incredibly hard. We're super excited about our growth over the next 24 months, looking to be in more big box retailers and offering additional products with new colors we know parents will love. We're already working on them based on customers' feedback, so stay tuned!

Where can people find you and your business?

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