Where in the world are you located?

Edmonton, Canada

What is your small business?

Dram Fine Podcast

Tell us about your journey...

I first met my co-host Chelsey in 2017 for a work meeting, it ended in cocktails and many laughs. At first we wanted to start a girl band but decided a podcast would be easier. We are one of the few female-led whisky podcasts in the world, and the first Scotch whisky podcast hosted by women. Dram Fine’s goal is to move whisky out of stuffy rooms with old men in leather chairs, and showcase it as the sexy, fun, accessible spirit it is.⁣

Dram Fine was born out of our mutual love for the spirit, and the need for more female representation in the whisky podcasting world. Drinking whisky seems elitist and nerve-wracking to some, but it’s to be enjoyed by all. This podcast replaces that exclusive vibe with a light-hearted approach to drinking scotch. We both ended up pregnant at the same time which put the breaks on the launch of the podcast and forced us to slow down on promotion etc, but I'm so glad it did! This natural growth we've seen in popularity is amazing considering it's been totally organic.

Two women, Chelsey and Pamela, smiling at you
Chelsey and Pamela of Dram Fine Podcast

What obstacles have you had to overcome to get to where you, and your business, are today?

The previously mentioned pregnancies! But also finding what works for us. We aren't for everyone and that's ok! We are two progressive ladies who try not to take things too seriously and make the whisky jargon easy to follow. Hence our slogan 'this ain't your grandpa's whisky podcast'.

What is it about being an entrepreneur that brings you the most joy?

The feedback from listeners, helping someone pick out a great whisky when we've made it easier for them to understand. Our pod has a lot of history and educational elements so to see that being absorbed by our listeners is incredible. People rocking our merch is pretty sweet too!

Tell us your favorite womxn heroes, feminist icons, people to follow, etc...

In scotch, Bessie Williamson who we dedicate a whole episode to in season 1. She was the first female distillery manager and all round boss. Currently we love Becky Paskin who spoke out about sexism in the whisky industry recently and started and continues a really worthwhile conversation.

Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey - Fred Minnick.

Where can people find you online?

Dram Fine's website and instagram!

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