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Guiding You in Creating Your Reality - Blossom To Success

As a social media strategist and coach, I aim to help businesses create and cultivate a thriving online community through strategic social media marketing.
Guiding You in Creating Your Reality - Blossom To Success

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Karen Hewitt, Founder of Blossom To Success LLC, located in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

As a social media strategist and coach, I aim to help businesses create and cultivate a thriving online community through strategic social media marketing. My primary goal is inspiring and engaging audiences while driving meaningful client results. I work closely with businesses to understand their target audience, develop a unique brand voice, and create compelling content that resonates with their community. My expertise in social media marketing allows me to identify critical growth and engagement opportunities, whether through active community management, influencer marketing, or data-driven optimization strategies.

As a coach, I empower my clients with the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to succeed on social media. I educate them on the latest trends and best practices, help them develop a highly authentic social media strategy that aligns with their business goals and is positively true to themselves, and provide ongoing support to ensure their success. My approach to social media marketing is all about building meaningful connections and fostering authentic relationships between businesses and their audiences. I help companies to achieve their full potential on social media and beyond by creating a compelling and inspiring community. I am called a Social Media Witch because I help entrepreneurs create spell-binding and captivating strategies to connect with their ideal clients.

My customers are entrepreneurs and business owners frustrated with trying to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. They often feel like they need help to stand out and make their mark, and they are unsure how to turn their mess into a message that resonates with their target audience. These individuals are passionate about their businesses but need help building a community of loyal and engaged customers. They want to create a social media presence that reflects their values and personality and inspires others to get involved with their business. Ultimately, my customers want to create a business that they are proud of - one that is not just successful but also makes a positive impact on the lives of others. They want repeat customers and clients that rave about their products or services and to build a community of like-minded individuals who are invested in their success. With my help, they can curate a social media presence that is authentic, engaging, and highly effective at attracting and retaining customers.

Tell us about yourself

When I first entered the business world, I was inundated with a plethora of information and advice on succeeding. The prevailing wisdom at the time was to follow a tried and tested formula for success: copy what others were doing and replicate their results. It was all about carbon copies and the copy-paste approach. However, I knew deep down that this wasn't the path I wanted to take. I didn't want to be just another cog in the wheel, churning out the same old thing as everyone else. I believed there was a better way - a way that would allow me to stand out from the crowd, be me, and still make a real difference.

So, I set out on a journey of discovery, determined to find my own path in the business world. I started by stepping back and reflecting on what I truly valued and wanted to achieve. I realized I was passionate about authenticity and being true to myself and I wanted my business to reflect that. I began experimenting with different approaches, trying out new ideas and strategies aligned with my values. It wasn't easy - I faced many setbacks and challenges along the way - but I persevered and convinced myself I was on the right path. Slowly but surely, my efforts began to pay off. People started to notice my unique approach and my authentic message. I began to build a loyal following of customers who appreciated that I was doing things differently.

Today, I am honored to say that I have built a successful business based on authenticity and staying true to myself. I know that many others out there feel the same way I did when I started - overwhelmed by the pressure to conform to the norm. That's why I'm passionate about sharing my story and encouraging others to embrace their authenticity in business. We all have something unique to offer the world, and by staying true to ourselves, we can achieve success on our own terms. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. Authentic Social Media and Strategy lead to a clearer vision and a passionate community of clients and customers that increase visibility with interaction and referrals.

What motivates me to stay in business is multifaceted. Firstly, as a mother of five children, I am driven to create opportunities for them - a life where they can access the resources and experiences to help them grow and thrive. Additionally, seeing my clients succeed is a huge source of motivation for me. Nothing is more rewarding than watching someone take their business to the next level, achieve their goals, and positively impact their community. Knowing that I have played a part in their success is incredibly fulfilling.

As an LGBTQIA, neurodiverse Woman-owned business, I am also motivated by the desire to show that it can be done. Diversity and inclusivity are essential for creating a thriving business community. I am proud to be a part of that movement. By stepping up and showing that it is possible to succeed in business while staying true to your authentic self, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

When I started, I knew I wanted to help entrepreneurs build social media presences that reflected their personalities and values. I tried to help them create a space they were proud to be a part of - one that brought them joy and excitement rather than stress and anxiety. Over time, I developed a unique approach to social media curation that focused on authenticity and genuine connection. By building a community of like-minded individuals who shared similar values, entrepreneurs could create a social media presence that reflected who they were and fostered a sense of belonging and engagement. My reputation as a thought leader in leadership, communication, and social media grew as my business grew. I was invited to speak on stages with multi-millionaires, sharing my insights and strategies for success with audiences worldwide.

One of the biggest highlights of my business was the opportunity to speak on virtual stages worldwide, sharing my tips and advice with entrepreneurs eager to learn how to build a social media presence that truly reflected their values and passions. But the most tremendous success of all was being home with my five children while building a successful business that allowed me to make a positive impact on the lives and businesses of others. I created a company that aligned with my values and allowed me to pursue my passion for helping others while still being present for my family. This also gives me the unique perspective of helping my clients create that work-life balance that is craved.

Looking back on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunities I have to make a difference in the lives of others - and for the chance to build a business that truly reflects who I am. My experiences can inspire others to pursue their passions and create a company that brings them joy and fulfillment.

What's one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?

When I first started my business, I struggled with what seemed like an endless list of challenges. I found it difficult to stay focused, manage my time effectively, and follow through on important tasks. I would get easily overwhelmed and stressed, which made it difficult to make progress. For a long time, I just assumed that these struggles were a result of my own personal failings. But then, one day, I discovered that I was neurodiverse. I had ADHD and was on the Autism spectrum, and suddenly, everything made sense.

For years, I had been trying to do things the way they had always been done - the way that seemed to work for everyone else. But now, I realize that my brain simply worked differently. I needed to create systems that worked within my own methods instead of trying to force myself to act differently. As I began to embrace my neurodiversity, I found that I could create solutions that worked for my clients and me. I started to develop customized systems that were tailored to each individual's unique way of working, whether they were neurodiverse like myself or not. This approach has been transformative for my business. By embracing my own neurodiversity, I have been able to unlock my full potential and create a business that is both successful and fulfilling. And by helping others to do the same, I have been able to make a real difference in their lives as well.

Looking back on my journey, I am grateful for the challenges that I faced. They led me to discover something powerful about myself - and about the world around me. I now know that neurodiversity is not a weakness but a strength. And by embracing it, we can create a world that is more inclusive, innovative, and compassionate.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

Are you considering starting your own business? If so, there are three critical things you need to understand before you start your journey. Firstly, more than just wanting to sell something is required in today's world. You must dig deeper and understand why you want to start this business and your mission. You need a clear and compelling vision that inspires you and your customers. Your task should not just be about making money, but it should also be about positively impacting the world. When you have a meaningful mission, it gives your business a purpose and a direction. Customers are attracted to companies with a sense and are more likely to become loyal when they share your values.

Secondly, social media is more than just a place to post and try to get sales. It is a community, and you must be a part of it. You need to engage with your followers, respond to their comments, and provide them with valuable content. You also need to curate your social media presence carefully. Your brand image should be consistent across all platforms yet still utilize each unique platform style, and you should use storytelling to connect with your audience. You can use social media to build a tribe of people who are passionate about your brand and who will become your ambassadors. Remember, what works on Tiktok doesn't work on Pinterest, or what works on Youtube doesn't work on Facebook, your branding should still be consistent, just the content strategy is different for each platform.

Finally, while you may have had this idea for a business, it is essential to remember that authenticity is critical. People crave authenticity, not hype. They want to see the real you and the real story behind your business. However, this means you can do it with others. There are many tools and resources available that can help you bring your vision to life. Whether using a website builder, hiring a graphic designer, or outsourcing your social media management, you can find support to help you make your business a reality.

In conclusion, starting a business today requires more than just wanting to sell something. You need a clear mission that inspires you and your customers, a solid social media community, and more than just a presence and systems in place to ensure your vision comes to life.

Where can people find you and your business?

Website: https://blossomtosuccess.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blossomtosuccess
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blossomtosuccess/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlossomToSucces
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenhewittblossomtosuccess/

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