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Attract, Win, and Deliver - UGURUS

Staying focused and saying no. And realizing that you're not alone (but it can sometimes feel so lonely).
Attract, Win, and Deliver - UGURUS

Interested in starting your entrepreneurial journey in business development, but not sure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Brent Weaver, co-founder & CEO of UGURUS, based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Tell us all about your business...

We help digital agency owners achieve freedom in business and life through training, coaching, and community.

What's your background and motivation to grow as a solopreneur?

The power of the internet to connect people so they can create world-changing value has been a common thread that gets me up in the morning. I started building websites around 1995 and started my first agency in 1999 during my senior year of high school. I'm on my third business with UGURUS, and now a partner in my 4th, a white-label WordPress solution called UnlimitedWP (now over 50 people). Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my family and biking.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

The impact that I've had on my clients, team, and industry. I've made a difference. Seeing people reach their potential... and discover that they have even more potential. Each day I get to do this is a gift.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a solopreneur?

Staying focused and saying no. And realizing that you're not alone (but it can sometimes feel so lonely).

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run or grow a small business today?

  1. Find a market you want to serve. If you enjoy the people, be confident that you can solve a real problem for them if you put in the time to get to know them. So be willing to evolve yourself to meet the needs of the market. It's a lot easier to change yourself than others.
  2. Build a habit of execution. Ideas and plans are great, but getting real work done on your business is even better.
  3. Invest in yourself and your network. I've never regretted taking a course, masterclass, or coaching program. I've always taken something worth 10x the fees by being open and coaching to their process. And I've spent 100's of thousands on this stuff... if I could go back in time, I wouldn't have waited ten years to start investing in myself.

If there was one thing you could do repeatedly to help grow your business, what would it be?

Invest in advertising. The more you spend, the more you learn, the more you make. Advertising is one of the best secrets to scaling.

What are some of the things you put in place to maintain a healthy work/life balance?

Time with my family and on my bike. When I start getting a little squirrely, I just get out on the road on my bike and things are instantly better.

Where can people find you?

Website: https://ugurus.com/
Book: https://ownyourmarket.com/pre-order
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brentweaver

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