Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health & fitness, but not sure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Chris Mello, CEO, and co-founder of CPMFITness, based in Sioux Falls, SD, USA. Chris is also studying to become a certified Life/Motivation Coach, working on several ebooks, and developing as a motivational speaker.

Tell us all about your business...

At CPMFITness, we help busy professionals prioritize their health and get in incredible shape. We get people to believe they can get in great shape by providing the best FITness Coaching in the Sioux Falls area because building a Fit/Strong body is a game-changer for your career and lifestyle. Our current business, CPMFITness, is our 3rd iteration of a gym business, and in the last seven years (EST 2013), we have worked with over 2,500 clients, completing 200,000 sessions.

What's your background and motivation to grow as a solopreneur?

I am husband to my business partner (my wife Annie is my co-pilot at CPMFITness). I am a father of twin boys, just turned 3 Oct 2021. I love learning, growing interpersonally, and I like to keep my life very simple these days (enjoying my family, fitness, and business). As a youth, I wanted to excel in basketball and play professionally when I grew up. As a young adult, my passion shifted from basketball to fitness as I became a personal trainer at the age of 21 (and where I initially met my wife; she was my 3rd client). I then developed a deep passion for improving my physical capabilities and helping others (my clients).

I took the energy, lessons, and mentality I learned and developed through basketball and translated it to FITness. As I hit my capacity as a Fitness Trainer, I still wanted more. I wanted to professionalize my Trainer practice by building a team of professional coaches to impact more people. At that time, my wife and I (newly married in our 1st year of marriage) decided to move from Southern California to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was in Sioux Falls we started our 1st Gym/Training Business. I love what I do! I love helping others. I love building up my knowledge base. I love the freedom of expression and assisting others to improve their bodies, too, in turn, improve their lives. CPM stands for Courage, Potential, and Motivation. The three traits that I live by and develop to the highest level fuel me and keep me going.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

Being in the FITness industry for now 20 years. I would say selling our 1st Training Business in 2010 for six figures at 30 years old.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a solopreneur?

Becoming resourceful. When you start up a business, you need to wear all the hats of the company. Without a plan or someone coaching you on how to delegate your business, you can fall into the trap of becoming a slave to your business.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run or grow a small business today?

  1. Find a business coach, just like with FITness training. You need someone to help you find your blindspots and mentor you to create a system, delegate tasks, and know what levers to pull to move your business forward.
  2. Build a Team. Hire or partner with others of like mind and who complete your weakness (or what you don't want to do), And it's more fun to grow a business with others.
  3. Develop Humility. In business and really in life, nothing is linear and straightforward. It's not IF you will have problems or obstacles. It knows that you will. You HAVE to be able to adjust, pivot, and evolve yourself and your business to not only survive to THRIVE. As you develop Humility, you can become unstoppable. If you can stay humble when you are winning, you can stay focused and objective. And when times get tough, having Humility can help you pull yourself out of the weeds and find your way back to winning.

Where can people find you online?

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