Hosting live sessions, in-person or online is a wonderful way to connect to your subscribers and create a sense of community. But there are only so many hours in a day, and actively leading and/or participating in real-time experiences is exhausting for you and unscalable for your business.

The solution is easy—create video-on-demand content pieces that are related to your service! Here are four benefits to making digital content part of your subscription service:

It’s passive income

Creating video-on-demand classes allows you to earn money without having to do repeat work. Once your videos are up, they can live online forever. So whether someone buys them today or in a year, you’ll get paid just the same.

For this to work, you need to regularly promote your digital products alongside your other offerings. Even better if you strategically package your real-time experiences with your digital products, so keep this is in mind as you start to create content. Focus on making these two business vertices complementary to each other and find creative ways to keep bringing added value to your subscribers.

Widen your audience

Video-on-demand means you can reach people around the world, no matter when, across a long time span and at different price points. Limitations that come with real-time sessions like date, time, location, pricing, and even language are not true when it comes to digital products.

Your subscribers will be able to access your content whenever works best for them, whether it’s 6 am in Japan or 9 pm in the USA. Providing captions can widen your audience even further in terms of accessibility to those who have auditory issues or aren’t native English speakers.

Additionally, your one-on-one sessions or group classes may be a bit too expensive for some community members, but those people might be your superfans who will help you grow exponentially through word of mouth. Digital products are a great solution to make your content affordable to more people while saving your energy and focus for your core, and most engaged subscribers.

Rework it

Mishaps happen in real life, but when you’re working on pre-recorded videos, you can edit those mistakes out and perfect your content. Adjust the lighting, improve the sound quality, add in a new section.

Rework your content, there are no boundaries. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and let that pesky perfectionism kick in.

Package it

You can package your video-on-demand content as a series instead of selling one-off videos. This will make your subscribers feel like they’re getting more bang for the buck while allowing you to offer more value and make more money each time you promote it.

Pro tip: Optimize your time and record a batch of videos in one go instead of having to set up the lighting, sound, and everything else in each recording session.